Twenty Months Ago…

Back in October of 2010, B. just so happened to be taking a ‘mental health’ day from work and found himself surfing the MLS listings, searching for that perfect house to make our home. He stumbled upon a listing, not too far from his hometown, that┬ánot only included a cute little gable-front abode, but also contained 4+ acres of land – a farmer’s dream. Out of sheer disbelief, and a little bit of curiosity, he headed over for a quick drive-by, only stopping for a minute to talk with a neighbor who assured him that the land did in fact include a generous amount of acreage. Knowing the foreclosure had only been listed for a few hours, B. hurried home to make an offer.


And that’s where it all began. After a year of looking at house after house, one let down after another, our offer was accepted and I hadn’t even stepped foot on the property yet. B. knew this was it, and for whatever reason I didn’t think twice (reference lesson one, here). Looking back, it’s just as well.


We spent the next six months going back and forth with the selling bank, finalizing our loan, conducting well tests, extending our closing date, and waiting for the today is the day call. In the end it was well worth the wait, not only did we get new septic system out of the deal but we had six long months to mentally prepare ourselves for this slightly massive project we had no idea we were about to take on.


Our First House

with the keys in our hand, our smiling faces say it all as we finally closed on our first home

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