Only Day 1

After waiting a long 6 months to get the keys to our house, the first thing I did (after changing the locks of course…) was 409 the heck out of every surface in that place. From floor to ceiling, there was that old smelly grunge looming in every room. I had no idea what would come of the walls covered in fake wood paneling, or of the floors with a few layers of linoleum covered up by filthy shag rugs. Even if they weren’t staying there for very long, giving the whole house a good once over at least made it feel a little bit cleaner and eased the germ-a-phobe inside of me.


Once the house was tidied up a bit (I’ll admit, I still refused to wear any good clothes or shoes in there), we looked around and thought this is simple, just a few cosmetic changes here and there, slap some paint on that wood paneling and we’re good! Yea right.


fake wood paneling
did you know even fake wood paneling comes in a variety of finishes?


Unfortunately we realized that the majority of the wood paneling probably wasn’t salvageable (I wasn’t that disappointed), so we would just take it down and paint the walls underneath, no brainer. This lightbulb quickly burst when we removed the first piece of paneling and a few chunks of plaster came along with it. Holes in the plaster? Not a good sign, and it’s only day 1.


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