Layers of Linoleum

Once abandoning our wall deterioration situation, we quickly moved on to the next eyesore – the dingy carpet and grimy linoleum that unfortunately covered the entire house. We started with the pink-turned-brown living room carpet. We anxiously pulled it up only to find not one, but two layers of retro linoleum underneath, all of which were held down by industrial size staples – I sware those suckers could take out an eye!


Tearing up the living room carpet and linoleum was a night I’ll never forget. It was instantly gratifying, revealing untouched wood floors (!) beneath. With a little muscle and some pliers, the process was  pretty simple, and made such a difference in the room. And yes, you heard me right – solid oak wood floors! Over the course of our 6 month closing period, we kept debating whether or not the house had wood floors. Whenever we got the chance to take a peek (re: well tests, inspections, etc.), we would pull up a corner of rug here and there but could never tell for sure with all those layers of linoleum.  B. did discover that the bathroom closet had a wood floor and therefore insisted that the rest of the house must be wood, but I had to see it to believe it.



Okay, it may not look like it in the photo below, but under that thick, black linoleum glue is wood, I promise! And on the plus side, the glue provided a nice coating that would protect the floors until we were ready to refinish them. Remember all that horse hair plaster? All of that eventually ends up on our precious, unfinished wood floors.




If you’re removing old carpet or linoleum, wear goggles incase one of those monstrous staples comes your way. Thick gloves will come in handy and of course a dust mask.

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